Lookin’ for An Electronic Payment Solution That’s Not PayPal

money-coins.jpgI’ve used PayPal for years and like it. It’s fast and pretty easy to use. However, the great thing about a capitalism and private business is that it fosters creativity and competition. One of these solutions, competing head on with PayPal, is PaySimple and their newest solution is PaySimple 2.0.
Users have the ability to electronically collect payments via eCheck/ACH or credit card as well as pay their vendors via those channels in one user-friendly, convenient system. Payments can be made as one-time or scheduled recurring transactions, all at the merchant’s discretion and convenience. Schedules can be easily updated, multiple payment types can be used, and all communications with customers and vendors can be automated and customized.
Like PayPal, PaySimple has a number of useful tools. You can create buttons and links to add to your web site, so your customers can go to your web site to pay you. If you’re a merchant, you can use PaySimple to invoice customers, and make it very easy for them to pay.
What I really like about PayPal, is that there are no upfront fees – one time or otherwise. With PaySimple there is a monthly maintenance fee and a one time setup fee.