Mac Users: Neat Receipts is Finally Here

As Macs continue to gain popularity with regular people, peripheral hardware manufacturers are stepping up and making more products that are compatible. The latest entry comes from NEAT Receipts, which has created a version of their popular scanner specifically for the Mac platform.
“We developed NEAT Receipts for Mac because Mac users and our customers were calling us daily and asking for it,” said Rafi Spero, founder of NEAT Receipts. “This is a product that was built for Mac people by Mac people and we incorporated customer feedback to create a product that’s intuitive and easy to use. We’re also very excited about introducing a sleek new scanner with this product that works seamlessly with the Mac look and feel.”
While this advance release Mac version of the NEAT Receipts doesn’t have the full PC version feature set, it does create searchable PDF files. Other key features of this release include:

  • Receipt and Document Scanning – Create a digital filing cabinet for all important receipts and documents
  • Multiple Libraries – Create separate libraries for multiple businesses, projects or time periods
  • Document Collections – Organize paperwork by groups to keep relevant items organized together
  • Smart Collections – Create a collection of receipts or documents based on specific criteria such as vendor name, category or date
  • Intelligent Text Recognition – Extract key information from receipts and capture it in digital format
  • Expense Reports – Export receipt collections to a PDF expense report format
  • Searchable PDF Format – Documents are stored as PDF files that can easily be dragged and dropped anywhere in the file system – even directly into e-mail
  • PDF Importing – Import PDF copies of receipts and documents stored on hard drive
  • Search by Keyword – For easily searching and locating scanned receipts and documents

Version 2, due out early next year, will have all of the PC features and anyone who owns the advance release will get a free upgrade.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,