Online File Storage, Collaboration and Backup – In One Service

egnyte.gifOver the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a surge in services to help mange your file storage needs.
There’s Google Docs, Microsoft’s Office Live, HyperOffice, WebEx’s WebOffice, ThinkFree, and more recently HP’s Upline, which recently went through some problems.
I’m now having a look at a new service launched at the end of April, Egnyte. What makes Egnyte different than most of the other services is that it combines file storage, file sharing and backup. Another differentiating factor is that when you want to access files on the Egnyte server you can do so from MyComputer as you would any other file and all files stored on the Egnyte server are searchable.
it seems like the conversation of integrated vs point solution had just started to die down.
But with these new services you might need to consider: Do you use a service like Carbonite or Backupmyinfo to back up your data and yet another service for sharing files? Or do you use one service that can do several things at once?