Powerful Forms Give Your Web Site Spunk and Better Data Entry Features

If you are not using forms on your web site you are missing out on a great way to accept information from your web site visitors. If the form you are using is very basic, you’re further missing out on very, very powerful and easy to use features if you have not checked out a new service – Frevvo Live Forms.
Using Frevvo, if you have a field (say email) that must be filled in, the submit button won’t even display if that data has not been entered. Try to do this on your own. It’s pretty tough. Maybe you have a date field…guess what Frevvo gives you a cool pop-up calendar with which your web users can select a date from a calendar./
Frevvo’s competition includes online databases such as Intuit’s QuickBase, DabbleDB and Trackvia.
Based on the video I saw, Frevvo’s quit powerful and feature rich. If your web site is a tool you use to collect information, I highly suggest you give Frevvo a try. Maybe you want some calculations or business rules followed – Frevvo can handle this as well.