Product Review: Dell’s New Vostro Notebook

dellvostro-1510.jpgAlthough desktop computers are to some degree commodity items, notebook computers still have some differentiation left in them. How the keyboard feels when you type, the number of USB ports, how large the screen is, if wireless broadband is integrated and other features all go towards making one notebook different than the other.
Of course Apple computers are in a class of their own, but traditional PC vendors are not standing still. They’re coming out with new notebooks, with new features and more options.
Dell, for example, plans to expand and refresh its entire portfolio of notebooks by 50% in 2008. As part of this refreshment they have launched a new line of Vostro notebooks. As you may recall, Vostro is Dell’s line of notebook computers specific for small businesses.
There’s a 13.3 inch and 15.4 inch model starting at $750 and $600 respectively. Coming this month Dell will bring out a 17″ model

The newest features of Dell’s notebooks, is the slot load CD-ROM/DVD Drive – as you would find on a Mac. There’s no tray that slides out but the CD-ROM slides into a slot on the side of the notebook. This makes the computer thinner and more durable – less moving parts.
These new Vostro’s have Dell’s 30 day (no questions asked return policy), 10GB of online backup and security and PC maintenance software.
Technology is so important and should be one of the key cornerstones of your growing businesses. Technology should never LEAD your business but it should be a key catalyst to help you reach your business goals.
In addition to a good notebook computer, ensure your phone/smartphone is also reliable built and is able to seamlessly be a part of your extended office network.