Storage As A Service: Beyond Just Online Backup

safe.jpgBacking up your data to an online data storage service is just the tip of the iceberg for a complete backup strategy. While you all know you should backup your data, research indicates that many of you are not backing up your data or doing it correctly.

Dell offers free online backup, HP has a new service HPUpline and has offered online backup storage solutions. Online security provider Perimeter eSecurity also announced their new remote backup and recovery service. In addition dozens of pure breed online backup solutions are available as well – these include, eVault, Carbonite and so many other have solutions.
Channel web writes a good overview of online storage options here. Channel Web is for resellers but often the information is quite useful for businesses as well.
A growing number of vendors offer online backup, recovery, archiving and protection services. They can generally be divided into several categories.
The first are smaller companies that only offer technology to let others build a Storage as a Service business, or who have that feature as part of their data protection software.
The second category are tier-one storage vendors, most of which have recently acquired the necessary technology and are now looking for new ways to get revenue from customers.
A third category of vendors includes companies that have traditionally focused on the consumer and small-business market with lower-cost technology that is typically offered direct, but which may also go through resellers.
Solution providers looking to offer Storage as a Service can work with one or more of these and other vendors in a couple of different ways.