Turning Email Response From A Pain To Bliss For You and Your Customers

One of the BIG pains that I know many of you face is how to deal with email – especially email handled by more than one person. Maybe you have a “sales@” email box or a “questions@” email box. Right now you might have one person assigned to answer or filter through this email, or you might have a few people doing it.
The challenge is that some email might be missed (there goes a $10,000 sale) or a customer or prospect is emailed more than once by more than one person in your company. What a pain. How to deal with it?
Palo Alto Software, makes of Business Plan Pro has developed a pretty neat solution – Email Center Pro.

Email Center Pro can handle thousands of messages per day and does so transparently. At any point users can see how many messages are in each inbox, and how many messages have been responded to. Users can see each response and even know who responded to each message. Email Center Pro reliably archives all messages providing a history of every email that has gone through the service, unless a user chooses to delete it Email Center Pro is password protected and encrypted to ensure security and uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for the same level of reliability as the Amazon.com store.
You can use the free version or pay from $19 to $149 a month for more robust versions.
This is a perfect example of implementing rule number one in my Six Rules for Using Technology In Your Business, which is consider technology as an INVESTMENT and NOT as a cost.
Sure an influx of email is a PAIN, however, an influx of email, unless its a TON of customer complaints, should be leveraged into a powerful customer service asset.