Want to be a smarter marketer? Check out 60 Second Marketer.com

Beth Silver, Doubet Consulting
As a marketer of small businesses, I am eager to stay abreast of the latest news and ideas related to marketing and business. The more aware I am of the marketplace the greater an asset I believe I am to my clients. But, when Mike Wittenstein of Storyminers sent an email to MENG (a networking organization to which we both belong) about the 60 Second Marketer, I could not believe I had not come across it earlier. The brand’s promise— to make me a little smarter in a minute—is one I couldn’t pass up.
The 60 Second Marketer is an online video magazine for busy marketing executives who want to stay current on the latest news and techniques related to marketing. It’s great-the site has a video library of 60 second (thus the name) tutorials on the latest trends in marketing.

It’s great for all of us who download whitepapers and hope to steal a few spare moments during the day to read them. A video of interest to me was “What are the most common search engine mistakes.” I knew what I thought the most common mistakes were, but it was interesting to see where other professionals viewed as vulnerabilities. Another video that I thought was great was, “What’s a widget? I need a widget.”
I happen to know a little about “widgets”, but it’s a great resource to show my clients who may not yet be aware. I always feel better when my clients know about the latest marketing trends and know where they can find that information.
What I like about this site is its tone. The creators obviously recognize that there is an abundance of information available. However, if you can teach something relevant to marketing in one minute, marketers will want to showcase it. And, the fact that 60SecondMarketers.com is looking for visitors to contribute is great and illustrates its belief in community and broadmindedness.
If you have an idea about a topic related to marketing, or want to comment on a video or article, input is encouraged. I have written about lots of topics that small business owners have found of interest, but now I have to think about how I can “educate” someone in under a minute. What a great challenge!
While I don’t know any of the contributors, which include CEOs, CMOs, authors, PhDs, and marketing executives or anyone from 60 Second Publishing or WKV Inc. (yet), I am definitely going to leverage this tool and share my experiences with others.
Viral marketing is a powerful tool and inexpensive when done correctly. With that said, I hope when you visit www.60SecondMarketer.com, you will agree that this site delivers on its brand theme–in 60 seconds you too will be a smarter marketer.
Beth Silver.jpgBeth Silver is managing director of Doubet Consulting, a marketing & PR firm for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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  1. Jamie Turner

    Thank you very much for your really excellent description of The 60 Second Marketer, Beth. You hit the nail on the head. We’d love to see one of your articles on the site. Clearly, you can write.
    All the best,
    Jamie Turner

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