Boosting Sales With A Web Site Domain Strategy

Most businesses, regardless of size, put a lot of thought and research into choosing a domain name. Often the naming of a new company is tied directly to the availability of a great domain name to go with it, or at least one that makes sense and is easy to remember.
However, just choosing one version of your domain name may not be enough. In addition to registering the .com, .net, .biz, etc. versions and spelling variations of your domain name, having a domain strategy can be an important way to protect your online traffic. Senior VP of Marketing, Doug Shuman explains:
The most important thing you can for your online business (or the online portion of your business) is to start with a domain strategy. This may sound very sophisticated and technical but it simply means thinking of all the variations of your website name and registering them before someone else (in a worse case your competition) grabs them up.
Here’s an example of what I mean. Since my second passion is candy, my dream is to someday run a candy business. To prepare for ‘someday’, I’ve registered the domain name for my dream business, Park Slope Candy ( Then I considered that some people might remember my name as Park Slope Candies – so I registered (You can imagine the amount of sales I could lose if a rival candy shop decided to operate a site at – so I made sure that couldn’t happen.) Finally, I don’t think it would be a stretch for some people to remember my business as Park Slope Sweets (you guessed it, is registered to me too). Satisfied that I had considered enough variations of my name, I also registered the ‘.biz’ and ‘.net’ versions of each name … just to make sure that if potential customers remembered any variation of my name, they would end up on my website. That’s what I mean by a domain strategy.
The last step in implementing my domain strategy was to forward all these domain names to my primary ( so regardless which web address a potential customer types into their browser they will see the website I eventually build and host at my primary domain. Website forwarding is a service most domain registrars offer.