When Investing In Your Online Marketing Hire The Right Expert.

For a long time, I’ve been advocating the importance of hiring an expert technologist to handle your company’s technology. Support and strategic initiatives should all be handled by someone who is an expert in technology. This job will most likely be outsourced to someone else, but it could also be handled internally.
Your online marketing strategy is also a part of your business that could be handled by an outside expert. But be careful and make sure you select the right expert.
There’s some experts who promise to increase your rankings in search engines and they simply waste your money with no results or their results are “flash in the pan” and quite temporary. On the other hand, some consultants might do shady things.
For example, Stuffing keywords in invisible text is a series no-no and definitely deserves the number 2 spot, because it can and will get your site banned. This includes text written in the same color as the background, or that is drawn way off the user visible page. These schemes are trivially recognized by search engines, and are treated as the act of a blatant Spammer. Don’t do it. Ever. Get more bad Search Engine Optimization practices here
If your web site has a lot of products, ensuring customers can search your site for all your products is the best way to go. Read this story for an example.
“Having a website has become more than a luxury for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it is a necessity” said Register.com CEO Larry Kutscher. “Our small business customers know that investing in a great website is a more effective way to reach potential customers and stay in contact with existing clients. The response to our survey shows the result of this investment, as a majority of customers expect no decline – and many expect growth – in their web revenues over the next year.”
When hiring the right expert get references, ask for their plan of action, see what projects they have worked on and how successful they have been, ask tons of questions and make sure you understand the answers.