Why A Mobile Strategy Is Critical For Your Business Growth – Event

tot.jpgMost business professionals have smartphones, many can even dial in to their voice mail. However, if this is the LIMIT of your mobile strategy you are limiting your business growth and more specifically how you can respond to customer needs.
For many of your customers, calling you or emailing you are the same, in regards to the expectation of response.
stephen-wellman.jpgStephen Wellman, , Director of Community and Content, Ziff Davis Enterprise mentioned this to me today, as we were preparing for the upcoming Taste of Technology Small Business Series – 10 June 2008, that he will moderate.
The power of mobility is being able to respond to customer needs from anywhere, just as if you were in the office.
Whether its your sales team, being able to access the latest inventory information, or you being able to hear voice mail from email on your smartphone, a mobile strategy is so important.
Things to consider as you develop a mobile strategy:

  • Hardware – what kind of hardware do you need? Blackberry, Windows, Symbian or other operating system Smartphone.
  • Software – what software do you and your employees need to be productive with your mobile device.
  • Office Connectivity – how will you connect to your corporate data (files, reports, etc)
  • Security – wow…you MUST ensure the data on your hardware and the data crossing the wireless spectrum is secure

There’s more involved but these are some points. to consider. You’ll also find that a solid mobile strategy will make you more productive and GIVE YOU TIME to enjoy life.
Check out Taste of Technology Small Business Series – 10 June 2008 to learn more about how mobility can help your business grow.