Will Your New Web Site Crash? Know Before Your Customers Do.

Building a web site with fancy new design and features can be fun. Well sometimes it can be filled with headache but the end result is surely exciting. Beyond the excitement, the results a good web site can do for your business – better communication, increased sales, better customer service and other benefits are realized.
One of the challenges of creating a web site is that your customers are using the site with a number of different variables. Different browses, screen resolutions, inputs and more. Each of these variables can give each customer a difference experience. Maybe their browser crashes when they are uploading their photo. Maybe the web site looks real bad at a certain resolution?
If knowing how a web site will operate under different scenarios, is important for you, check out AlertSite. They provide Web performance monitoring and management solutions, including DéjàClick, an inside-the-browser web performance monitoring system that allows you to record and monitor the performance of Web transactions.
The wrong way to “test” your web applications is when customers are ready to order. It’s best to first test your applications in test scenarios so you can correct as many kinks as possible.

DejaClick could be useful for a number of users, according to their web site:
Network Administrators/Operations Managers/Web Site Managers
Managers and administrators can monitor business transactions, quickly identify problems and ensure the availability and performance of client sites.
Systems Testing Engineers
System engineers can test application changes or complete rich media applications across the Internet, simulating multiple-user scenarios.
Quality Assurance Engineers
Quality assurance engineers can test new applications before releasing them to the public Internet.
Marketers and Ad Designers
Ad campaigns can be monitored for performance under various load and volume assumptions in anticipation of seasonal or campaign variations.
Systems Integrators / Outsourced Programming Organizations
Software engineers can test and monitor new applications, rewrite code changes and exchange script fragments with remote programmers.
C-Level Managers
Top management can create scripts to keep an eye on critical web-centric applications and operational effectiveness of Internet ad programs.