WiMAX: Faster and Longer-Distance Wireless Service

WiMax is wireless technology that will be faster and have a longer range than WiFi. I wrote about this for Allbusiness.com
For several years, thanks to a big marketing push by Intel, we have been using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet without tethering our computers with wires. While Wi-Fi has its benefits, the limits are becoming more apparent as people download more and larger files, upload more data (such as voice calls, images, and videos), and have longer distance needs. So here comes WiMAX.
WiMAX is a relatively new technology that enables communication over a maximum distance of 30 miles; the longer the distance, the slower the speed, but it’s still faster and has a longer range than Wi-Fi, which has a maximum distance of 300 feet. Read the rest of this article on Allbusiness.com