Archive of June 2008

What Kind of IT Spender Are You?

Do you view technology as an investment in your business growth and health, or as a necessary cost to support business functions? Regular readers will already know Ramon’s #1 rule for leveraging technology: Spend money on technology as an investment – not as a cost. A new study released by Access Markets International (AMI) […]

Buying Into Business Intelligence

Eric Weiss, The Worcester Group Many small and mid-sized businesses have not invested in Business Intelligence systems because owner/manager perceptions are that it is too expensive and complex on the one hand, and not a true business necessity for their organization. In reality, costs of BI and database products have come down enough to fit […]

Do You Need a Hosted App for That?

Q&A with Bill Kane, CEO of Mumboe With the increasing availability of hosted applications for specific tasks like contract management and core business processes including finance and HR, business owners are challenged with deciding which ones make sense. How many are too many? We talked with Bill Kane of Mumboe, a hosted contract management solution. […]

5 Steps To Smoothly Implement A Technology Upgrade

Upgrading technology can be a very unpleasant experience if you don’t plan for things properly. Depending on what you are upgrading, you might need a very detailed and more involved rood map than if you are upgrading something more simple like one desktop computer. But whatever you are upgrading, it’s important to give the upgrade […]

No Hassle Printing Out of the Office

It can be a real pain to print something from your laptop when you’re visiting an office or hotel and don’t have the right print driver installed on your computer. Your options aren’t usually that appealing: asking a coworker to print the file, or getting the IT person to help you connect to the printer. […]