10 IT Problems You Might Not Know About

Sometimes there are problems in your company, regarding technology and you might now even know they are a problem. For example, maybe you have

  • older computers (causing slowness in productivity),
  • old versions of Microsoft Office (and you’re getting files in the new format – causing a decrease in productivity by your staff),
  • your security is lax (leaving your business open to be hit by a hacker attack sometime) and
  • you have no proactive IT consultant to manage your network (and you wonder why your server goes down and the “network goes down” from time to time)

These are the kind of IT problems you might have and not even know aobut.
eWeek has a full article on this and has identified, 10 tech problems you might not know you have. They include:
Although things might seem, “ok”, in your business it’s best to work with an IT consultant who can help you identify potential problems before they become actual problems. It’s like having an inspector look at your house. Paying a little bit to make sure – is better than paying a lot to fix major damages.