$100 A Year? Worth A Boost In Sales From Better Web Search

search2.jpgWhen customers visit your web site, especially if it’s very content rich, they really need a search engine to be able to find the things they need to find on your web site. Have you ever gone to a REALLY, REALLY BIG ZOO and couldn’t find your way around. It’s quite a frustrating experience, You need the colorful map, that’s like 5 miles long to find your way around.

Of course, your web site should be well designed to aid in navigation as much as possible, but there’s only a limited amount of real estate you can fit on one web page – a good search engine helps take care of the rest.
Internet News writes Google announced new features and a new name for its former Custom Search Business Edition service. The rechristened Google Site Search (GSS) includes a supplemental index the search giant said reaches more of a company’s content and also provides more customization options of search results.
There’s many commercial search engines on the market – but I think Google best many of them on price and features.