5 Steps To Smoothly Implement A Technology Upgrade

Upgrading technology can be a very unpleasant experience if you don’t plan for things properly. Depending on what you are upgrading, you might need a very detailed and more involved rood map than if you are upgrading something more simple like one desktop computer. But whatever you are upgrading, it’s important to give the upgrade path, at least some thought.
BusinessKnowHow.com writes about this and the analogy they use is driving a car while trying to do several things at once. Otherwise, you may run into the back of a truck while trying to turn off the heater, and turn on Howard Stern. Just then, it begins to rain, and you realize that the windshield wipers have not been coded yet. It can get quite messy and dangerous.
The 5 tips given are:

Be Aggressive
It is appropriate to be aggressive when implementing new technology that provides a competitive edge.
Be Cautious
If the transfer of technology touches upon the core competency or revenue of your business, then be cautious about making any significant changes.
Be Quick
Be quick to implement minor changes, and carefully monitor the impact.
Be Slow
When it comes to major changes in the architecture or systems that sustain your business, be slow in implementing change.
Be Safe
There is no better time to address the vast array of potential security needs than during the design, development, and implementation of new technology.
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