Accounting Software: Cash Flow Predictor With Peachtree

peachtree.jpgWouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that could help you know what your cash flow needs are now and what they will be in the future.
With Sage’s Peachtree 2009, the new Cash Manager Tool can run “What If” scenarios to see the impact of certain activities such as addition or elimination of inventory, pricing changes, the addition of staff or other investments on the business, without running actual transactions, and can customize cash flow projections based on historical transactions or other activity. All of those scenarios can be exported to Microsoft Excel for more in-depth analysis.
Traditional software companies (as opposed to hosted application providers) update their software, often on an annual basis. Sometimes the versions have major and welcome changes, while other version updates have only cosmetic changes.
While buying the new release of the software each time the vendor releases a new version is definitely not necessary. However, it is necessary and quite advisable to at least have a look at what the new enhancements are so you can know if they are for you.
As an added bonus, Peachtree 2009 customers automatically receive 100 MB of off-site storage free with Peachtree Online Back-up powered by Iron Mountain. Customers will continue to receive this benefit with each subsequent upgrade, or as part of Peachtree Business Care and Peachtree by Sage Quantum.
Throughout the year software vendors often release patches which contain fixes for bugs found in the software and new security enhancements after the major release. These free patches are often worth the download.
If you rely on a particular business software as a main tool in your business operations decided whether to upgrade or not is an important decision. Not upgrading could mean the difference between a boost of productivity or better security. On the other hand, it could be $200 or $5,000 that could have been better spent elsewhere.