Beyond Text! Add “Life” To Your Web Site – Part Two

Literally one minute ago, I posted part one of Beyond Text! Add “Life” To Your Web Site, this is part two. In part one, I wrote about iSpeakVideo’s human actor’s who speak on your web site.
In this post, I’ll share with you the success a husband and wife team, specializing in Weddings & Special Event photography, had in using an avatar from SitePal,
Using an intelligent avatar, Dan and Dawnelle Loftus’ Wedding & Special Event photography business increased productivity by 50%. Here’s the story as shared by SitePal.
Company Overview
Loftus Photography specializes in Wedding & Special Event photography. The business is operated by husband and wife Dan and Dawnelle Loftus, who photograph approximately 25 weddings per year, in addition to numerous special events, engagement sessions, and family portraits.
Business Challenge
Loftus Photography’s main goal for their website was to reduce the time needed to consult potential clients, which had been done solely over the phone or in person. The owners concluded that the generic questions constantly asked diminished their productivity and they wanted to find a solution to regain their valuable time.
The husband and wife team first implemented short video clips on their website which gave detailed, comprehensive information. Though this method seemed to help, the work involved in creating the video clips each time the company’s product offerings changed or new information needed to be conveyed negated productivity gains. Because the video productions took hours and hours to complete, Dan and Dawnelle realized that the pre-created videos were not working.
SitePal Implementation
Dan came across SitePal while conducting online research for their website. When he saw the artificial intelligence feature of SitePal, Dan realized SitePal would be the perfect replacement for the company’s video approach. Now, with any new information or service, he could update the content within minutes, saving hours of time.

Loftus Photography implemented “Kathleen O’Malley,” a SitePal character with artificial intelligence, who communicates with potential clients. The company placed SitePal in several locations on their site. To start with, on their general website, “Virtual Kathleen O’Malley” assists with general information as well as photography specific questions and answers, which Dan implemented into the SitePal artificial intelligence database so that Kathleen could respond to any relevant questions from potential clients.
Once a client submits a quote request, they can log into the communications center to have a virtual meeting with their virtual assistant, Kathleen. The SitePal character walks clients through a few slides, explaining the quote and Loftus Photography services. The meeting is personalized with a greeting of the client’s first name, their wedding date and location, and other specific quote details. At the end of this meeting, Kathleen conducts a survey asking clients how well she communicated. According to the company, in over two years, on a scale of A (highest) to F (lowest), Kathleen has never received less than a B.
Because of SitePal’s artificial intelligence feature, the virtual meetings with clients are not only effective, but also personal.
When the wedding is done and photos are uploaded, another virtual assistant, which was created using SitePal technology, “Kiera” welcomes clients to their personal, password protected photo gallery. She also lets guests know when the gallery will expire and how they should navigate through the images.