Beyond Text! Add “Life” To Your Web Site – Part One

ispeakvideo.jpgText on a web site is what we’re all used to. It’s been the most common element of web sites since Tim Berners-Lee “founded” the language of the Web on Christmas day in 1990 (what a true geek).
Of course video, fancy flash images and sound are staples of many web sites but much of this often adds to the “ignored clutter” of a web site. Think of online advertising, or for that matter traditional radio/TV/print advertising – we ignore so many ads. Of course, on the other hand, advertising DOES work, or few of us would have Ipods, BlackBerry’s, Aunt Jemima’s Syrup or Toyota Camry’s. Right.
For your web site, however, you want to gain as much attention, as you can, to what you are trying to sell or the call to action you want the potential customer to do. Talking characters on your web site can help.
iSpeakVideo has a service, where you can place over 50 human actors on your web site and have them say something.
According to their web site, Using an Online Virtual Spokesperson on your website allows you to: introduce your home page, spice up your FAQ, guide traffic, drive call to action on lead forms, and create landing pages and tutorials.
I’ve written about Oddcast’s speaking avatars in the past, which also gives life to your otherwise boring and “attention challenged” web site.

Some tips for using a virtual spokesperson on your web site include:
Half Body: There are benefits to having your Virtual Spokesperson shot both half body and full body. In the half body format, you will see much more of the actor’s facial features which leads to more sincerity.
Add a Call To Action: The goal of the script is to not only explain your business it’s also to add a call to action. You want to engage the user to sign up or buy not just talk to them. It is even possible to add a sign up form or contact us button. Example:
General Script = Longer Life: Make sure the message is general enough so it stays fresh. Stay away from price points and dates as this will cause your message to go “stale” and force you to purchase more unnecessarily.
You can read the full tips here: