Buy Technology. Sell It Back At A Fixed Price.

Have you ever walked into a local retail store to buy some technology gadget, only to think that in a few months you’re going to buy another tech item and feel like a fool for wasting money?
Or maybe you have a box full of gadgets, like I do, because you don’t want to throw metal and plastic away, thus being an environmentally unfriendly business person. These are concerns that we all face – small businesses or regular consumers.
TechForward has a guaranteed buy back program to solve this problem. Check out their web site and use their simple calculator to see how easy it is to know what the price is for your existing tech items.

Using TechForward’s service you buy a warranty stating that TechForward guarantees to buyback your electronic item for a specific price. In a recent deal with W3 Solutions (W3), a leading extended service plan provider, TechForward has extended its reach to national retail partners, including Radio Shack.
Next time you buy a notebook computer, rest assured that you can sell it back at a good price – guaranteed – if you use TechForward.