Costco: Shopping for Diapers, Car Tires and….Telephone systems

Costco and other large stores, sell just about everything you would ever need or want on this earth. For just about any Holiday, occasion, family emergency or house appliance you can find what you want in these giant stores.
Recently, Microsoft partner Syspine started selling their new telephone system, Microsoft Response Point at

“A small-business owner does a little of everything — CEO, accountant and IT trouble-shooter — all before lunch,” said Richard Sprague, senior director, Response Point at Microsoft Corp. “’s easy online purchase process, combined with Response Point’s easy setup and intuitive magic blue button for voice dialing, gives the small-business owner another easy way to gain a powerful communications tool to help grow his or her business.” sells a wide range of products for the home office and business. Regarding telephone systems – they sell wired and wireless telephones, but I didn’t find any telephone system to replace your office’s current PBX telephone system. Looks like Response Point will be the first one.
When it’s time to buy technology for your business the choices are not always clear in determining where to buy them from – and there is not “right” or “wrong” choice. Many small businesses by through their local technology solution providers. Others choose to buy via traditional retail stores – or online.
Buying from a technology solution provider or technology retailer (online) that is one of the best options – as they have specialists who can help you. Buying from Costco or other avenues – might not be the best bet if you need assistance in deciding which technology is best for you.
Telephone systems are often complex – however Microsoft’s Response Point is pretty simple to use. It’s an appliance, so buying it from Costco is not a bad idea if you are somewhat technically inclined.