Do You Ship A Lot of Packages? Streamline Things And Save Money

redroller.gifShipping can be quite expensive. With gas prices on the increase, costs are probably rising even further. If shipping is a part of your business – you need just about every edge you can get.
RedRoller, a “search engine for shipping”, is now out of Beta (6,000 customers) and poised to launch the general availability of its robust shipping service offering that will help small businesses be more competitive, saving them time and money in order to promote continued growth. Using RedRoller, small businesses can select a shipping service based on the best available value that meets their needs, including:

  • the customer’s required delivery day and time;
  • the services and rates among multiple carriers
  • the ability to print authorized postage and shipping labels; and,
  • to arrange for package pickup by their selected carrier or map a convenient location for drop-off.

If saving money on shipping is important to you – to give you a boost in profit or pass the savings on to customers – check it out!