Eventbrite: Excellent Event Registration Management Service

eventbrite2.jpgI’ve been using Eventbrite for about a year now and it’s a great service for managing all aspects of event registration. It might not be as slick as other systems but it has a core set of great features. And real importantly, it’s interface was recently updated to make the system even easier to use.
I use a lot of tools to optimize the event and content side of Smallbiztechnology.com and from time to time will share some of these tools with you.
Eventbrite has four areas: Invitations, Attendees, Promotions and Orders. The promotions area is really nice as you can use various codes to promote your event. Maybe you want an affiliate program where partners get a cut of the funds from an event. Maybe you want various levels of discount tickets. Well, Eventbrite can do this and more.
If you want a nice looking calendar on your web site, of upcoming events, Eventbrite makes this easy as well.
Check it out at. What event tools do you recommend and use? Give me your comments and be entered to win a $79 coupon from Dell.