Shh….Confessions Of An It Consultant. Learn From Other’s Mistakes.

confessions.jpgWow, when have you ever heard your IT consultant confess to doing something wrong? When have you heard them sit down with you and say, hey, you should have NEVER hired me and here’s why.
Well Gene Marks (Marks Group, Pennsylvania) is, from what I’ve known, an excellent technology consultant. However, over the years he’s done some things wrong and he confesses it all in this article in Business Week.
He writes how one day he sold software to a customer after only one product demo by the customer. Gene knew that when he goes to purchase $30 shoes he takes some time to carefully review his options and should have made the customer take more time to decide before purchasing software that costs so much more.
He writes about instead of sending his best techies to a job he sent someone who was not qualified.
Well there you have it. Want to read the confessions of Gene Marks and learn how to avoid them when working with your IT consultant? Read the BW article here.