Is Your “First Impression” (Your Web Site) In Shambles? Get Help.

One of the points in my timeless, 10 Web Site Musts is the importance of good navigation and the overall look of your web site.
Like you, before I visit someone or when I want to know more about them I check out their web site. If their web site is not good, I wonder how seriously they take their business. Sure this is NOW easy for me to say, since last Fall I invested the money to make my previously crappy web site so much better.
First impressions count in how we dress, how our office looks and the delivery trucks we use! It also counts in our web site
I hear several reasons why business don’t have better web sites. No time to do them. No knowledge of how to get it done. Hiring a local web developer is going to be a bit costly, many good ones won’t touch a web site for less than $5,000 or so. However, there are so many services available that can help you build a web site or make the one you have better.
A new service from web host Concentric (a subsidiary of XO Communications) is one example of these offerings.

For $85 per month you get Concentric’s Web Site Design Package which provides customers with Web site design or redesign including 17 hours of professional service assistance. This package includes a Concentric hosting account, a “Contact Us” form, configuration of users and email accounts, FTP settings setup, premium email filtering settings, and eight hours of maintenance and updates to the Web site over the 12-month term. In addition to Web site design, the Web site is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO consists of basic optimization of the site incorporating keywords, descriptive title tags supporting the key words, Meta tags, and other SEO best practices. To complement SEO, Google Analytics are setup for tracking visitor traffic and providing Web site statistics. Thirty minutes of training in Google Analytics is included.
For about $1,000, as the monthly pricing is based on an annual agreement, you get professional help and 30 minutes of Google Analytics training – in addition to the tools and setup of a web site and email for your business.
If you’ve been frustrated by your businesses lack of a professional email domain (instead of and wish you had a better web site – check out the service from Concentric.
If you wish to terminate your agreement with Concentric after one year, make sure you can easily transfer your web site (including ownership of the domain – which YOU should own) to another web host.
Concentric has two other services, Web Site Migration package for those who already have a web site and want to move it to Concentric and Concentric’s Web Site Maintenance is ideal for customers who have a Web site and need ongoing maintenance or resources to make enhancements.