Independence Day – 4 June 2008: Jigsaw’s New Initiative

I love it when individual companies join together to do something that’s greater than any of them could do on their own. For example, two weeks ago, Jigsaw, with CRM partners, launched an initiative, Open Data Initiative, which does two powerful things.
1. Businesses can download data on up to 50,000 companies at a time – for free.
2. Several CRM companies (Entellium, Maximizer, Sage, NetSuite and more) can easily import Jigsaw data into their applications.

Jigsaw’s initiative is quite POWERFUL. Their press release reads Businesses can use Jigsaw’s free company data for any number of different purposes, particularly in sales and marketing. For example, a company that wants to market a new product to a specific segment of its existing customer base and finds that its current CRM system is lacking data for effective customer segmentation can now tap into Jigsaw to get that information. With the Jigsaw Open Data Initiative, they can augment the information for each company in their customer and marketing databases with Jigsaw’s free company data, adding such things as industry category, size, geography and complete address information. This information would allow for deeper segmentation of their prospects and customers and increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing campaigns and ongoing communications.
As a test I did a search on the following:
Metro Area:New York
Sub-Industry:Chemicals and Petrochemicals
How many companies fit the criteria? 207. This is precisely powerful data for any local company marketing to Chemical manufacturers! You now have 207 specific companies to target for your marketing campaign.
If you are looking to launch a direct marketing campaign, for example, check out Jigsaw and save money!

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