Does Your Computer Need A Tune Up? Maybe You Don’t Need to Buy A New Computer

pcpitstpo.jpgAfter a few months of computer use (for some people maybe after only 2 days) you’ll notice your computer is not working as fast nor is as responsive as it first was when you or your consultant set it up.
Your employees start to complain that that snazzy new computer you bought only 2 years ago is now running slow.
Nothing has changed you think. But you’re wrong. Over time, just like a used new car or home, the normal wear and tear of your computer takes a toll and degrades the performance of the computer. Trust me – things you never even thought of or had no clue were even on your computer all go towards making the computer operate slower.

I have often sneered at 3rd party optimization tools, thinking their claims of optimizing computers were marketing ploys. However, I just ran Optimizer from and recovered almost 1 GB of space from useless files – many from my Internet cache. In addition it analyzed registry entries and other aspects of my computer that contributed to slowing it down.

The new version of Optimize removes annoying ‘craplets’ and other data that can slow down your Internet connectivity and provides step by step instructions to keep things running smoothly. Other key new features include deeper registry cleaning, optimization of Firefox, and the technology is now delivered through a new automatic update technology.
After running optimizer a detailed report is generated showing you what files have been found. You can click on each file mentioned for a description of it and to see what it does – or doesn’t do.
The next time your computer or your employee’s computer is running slowly. Before thinking you need to buy another one – consider optimizing its performance.
Also discipline yourself to install as few programs as possible on your main work computer – it’ll run much faster adn more efficiently.