Making Your Web Site Readable On Mobile Devices

Your web site, is one of the first impressions you’ll have to customers, future employees, partners, and vendors. Although most people will be viewing your web site on their PCs, increasingly, more and more people will want to access your web site view their mobile devices.
Volantis Systems has a new web service,, which helps smaller businesses make their web site ready for mobile viewing and hosts the mobilized web content as well.
Volantis, for now, is offering their services for free. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The nice thing about the range of test and free options on the market is that they give you plenty of room to experiment and learn from your mistakes or success with minimal or no financial investment.
“The service enables end users and small businesses to quickly and easily join the mobile community, allowing them to quickly publish content and be sure that it will look good on every device ‘out there’ today” said Mark Watson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Volantis Systems. “With the proliferation of smart phones, more people are turning to their mobile devices for convenient web access. Volantis technology has empowered leading companies to properly present their brands on mobile devices, but until now small companies and end users were left behind. Now, provides a solution for everyone.”
In a four step process – picking your template, creating the site, editing the site and publishing your new mobile web site – you can have a web site, for your audience to use on the go. If you find that your new mobile web site is a hit with customers you can then consider investing some money in developing a more robust mobile web platform.
While PC based web browsing is here to stay – mobile Internet access will continue to grow.