My Saturday: Why Motorola Q Is Junk, Palm Treo 700wx is lovely and Verizon Wireless is Mint

palm700wx.jpgThis Saturday as I was driving my family to a day of shopping in Manhattan (American Girl and Toy’s R Us (to buy a PSP)) my Motorola Q simply stopped working.This was not the first time my Q had died on me but at least 3 or 4 other times my Q simply stopped working and Verizon Wireless sent me another one. Sometimes I paid a $50 replacement fee and other times I was sent one at no cost to me, as it was under warranty.
I really, really liked th Q as it was small, had a QWERTY keyboard and was Windows powered, with full synchronization to my Exchange server. However, I always new there was something missing. For example, when a phone number came in, to save it, I had to make a NEW entry and could not add it to an existing entry without scrolling through all 9,542,215 existing contacts first. Meaning you could not jump right to a contact, but if Bob James called from home and you wanted to add his home number to your address book you had to scroll through all the numbers before him. This was a first class pain.
Well I called up Verizon Wireless and after about 30 minutes I was told to go to a nearby store and get a new phone. There was no hassle and no fuss. I made my case for wanting a new phone – at no cost (long time customer, wife is a Verizon Wireless customer, that my kids would be customers soon and a few other things). This is why I remain a long time Verizon Wireless customer. The customer service is excellent and the telephone service is one of the best.

I was upgraded to a Palm Treo 700wx. I had been a long time Palm user, but when I switched to using Microsoft Outlook I started using Windows Mobile devices only as Palm did not connect to Outlook at the time. I actually forgot about Palm, until this Saturday. I even forgot that Palm, for some time now, has been selling Windows Mobile on its PDA!
In any case the ONLY draw back to the Palm 700wx is that it’s a bit heavier and larger than the Q. It can’t easily fit into your pants pocket, unless you like the feeling of a bulky sun glasses case. It can fit into a jacket pocket. The best place, I’ve found, however, is in a case on your hip. Other than the size, it’s simply an absolute beauty and breath of fresh air.
When calls come in, and they are not in my address book, I’m asked if I want to add them! I can use the touch screen or use the QWERTY keyboard. There’s a separate button to turn off the ringer – real handy and I can turn off the phone to save money and just use the PDA functionality.
I can even take the battery out, if needed. On the Q, all the versions I went through I had to use a sharp object to remove the batter.
Thanks to Reena and Kim at Verizon Wireless for their help. I was inadvertently disconnected from Kim as we were finishing up the customer service call. So I called back and spoke to Kim. She read through my account and we quickly got back to where Reena and I left off. A few hours later, I was checking my cell phone voice mail and guess what? Reena had called me to try to re-connect. Many customer service reps won’t do that.
Well that was a few hours of my Saturday!