NetBooks vs Smartphones vs Notebooks: The Looming Choice

Intel, Nvidia and Microsoft are all going after the ultra-mobile or “netbook” market. These are notebook computers, much smaller than traditional notebook computers but with full sized keyboards and larger screens than smart phones.
ZD Net bloggers write The conundrum: Smartphones are beginning to occupy the same turf that Netbooks are targeting. Communication devices (phones) are morphing into full fledged computing devices and computing devices that are becoming communication tools. Meanwhile, both categories cost about the same. So Mr. and Ms. IT buyer what’s it gonna be: Your iPhone or a Netbook? These categories are meeting in the middle and these devices will increasingly become comparable-especially as phones are used for data more than voice. Perhaps you’ll buy both types of devices, but I doubt it. Can you really lug a laptop, smartphone and mobile Internet device around. Will you leave your laptop at home for something that has less computing power? How many devices-even at $399 a pop-will you choose to own?
As the market for smaller notebooks – or netbooks matures – business travelers will have to decide which device they want to use – Smartphone, netboooks or traditional notebooks. Netbooks with their small form factor long battery life and full size keyboards will challenge the more expensive notebooks – not smartphones.
Mobile technology is a technology to definitely keep your eye on. It will enable your business to do more, in less time and operate out of the traditional confines of the “office”.
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