Online Marketing Tips At The “Brain Exchange”

Last week I attended Prime Strategies’ Brain Exchange. Marian Banker, facilitator of these intimate round tables of business owners led the discussion and brought in Jasmine Sandler of Agent-cy as the evening’s guest expert.
On one hand online marketing is relatively easy. You fire up your web browser and you can create an online advertisement in less than 30 minutes. This advertisement can be displayed to thousands (millions) of search engine searchers and MIGHT get you some leads or actual sales. If you don’t do things right – you’ll just end of wasting time and money.
Jasmine walked us through a myriad of online advertising options, pitfalls to watch out for and gave us overall guidance in what works and what doesn’t.
She explained that it was important to PLAN. You might think you can just buy a keyword (as in the case of paid search engine marketing) but if you have a strategic online marketing plan (on paper – not in your head), you’ll be able to better invest your money and get results.

We also learned the importance of testing. Placing an advertisement once and being disappointed is not the way to go. You must test, refine, test, refine and keep on refining. The internet is a constantly changing river, your online marketing must adapt to the changes as well.
Around the table we had a caterer of Kosher (and other) foods, a speaking coach, publisher of a line of children’s books, an internet expert (WSI), a lawyer, 2 Mac experts who also do programming and our venue host from City Space Suites. Some of us in attendance were experts in one or more aspects of online marketing and others were quite new to online marketing. This mix made for a lively and informative discussion.
Another important issue Jasmine raised was how to measure success. If you don’t have a goal for marketing online, you won’t know if you are successful or not. Measure brand impressions; increase in traffic; boost in email subscriptions; etc. Whatever your measure of success is – do measure it.
During the evening we also touched on viral marketing, social networks, contextual targeting and so much more.
There are many events in your local neighborhood helping you use technology as a more effective tool to grow your business. Don’t miss the next event – grow your business!