Real Estate Agents: Boost Sales With SMS

knovolo.gifReal Estate agents have a tough sales job – especially depending on the market they are in. Commercial? Retail? Manhattan? Des Moines?

I don’t know much, well hardly anything, about the real estate business, but I would think that one aspect of real estate is being able to quickly respond to customers, ensuring customers can get information on properties they are interested in as easy and fast as possible and of course ensuring as wide an audience of prospective buyers as possible see the listings.
Often times when driving buy you see a listing of a home or apartment that’s of interest to you and you try to write down a 10 digit telephone number, while needing to remember the address of the listing.

Knovolo has a neat solution, especially for you NON techie agents. Submit your listings to Knovolo. They’ll create an “SMS” listing for you. This means that in addition to having a telephone number on the “for sale sign” of your property, you can also say. TEXT 50MAINST to 732589. Customers doing this get a short text of the listing, right to their mobile phone and a link to more information on the listing.
Yet another way that technology is helping YOU, small business owners, gain an edge to BOOST sales!