Remote Tech Support. A Personal Story.

Over the past few days I’ve had problems accessing network resources. I could access the Internet, I was getting an IP address, but I could not access the network server. Quit weird. In any case, I tried everything – to no avail. I think this problem started during a routine Windows update, which messed up Trend Micro and then messaged up some other things.
In any case, I turned to remote tech support solution PlumChoice for some help, using their pay by the hour support options. I scheduled a phone call with a technician and right on time he called. A real nice guy. He opened screen sharing software, from GoToAssist. After about 30 minute, the technician could not figure what the problem was. He then suggested he bring in a second tier support technician. This was pretty neat. I now had two techs working on my computer – remotely. After a few minutes the second tier technician solved the problem.
Small businesses have a lot of options when it comes to technical support. Your first line of defense should be your trusted and local solution provider. Ideally, they know you and your business best. They might in fact outsource their phone support to a company like PlumChoice in any case.
If you don’t have a local solution provider, or if you want to compliment their support, the services of PlumChoice, CrossLoop or others can come in quite handy – as it did for me.