Scheduling Is A Pain. But Technology….Can Help!

Recently I wrote about the new time scheduling tool, Vungle which helps busy people schedule common times. Another service on the market is Timebridge.
I’m downloading it now. It’s free. As I’ve written before, there’s so many free tools available to businesses, that there is little or no excuse for not being more productive.
But even tools that you pay for are QUITE worth it in the time they might save you, such as Timebridge. If you are looking for a personal scheduling assistant and a) don’t want to hire a secretary or b) want your secretary to do something else – Timebridge is a tool you should check out.
A Timebridge spokesperson tells me that Tungle requires specific person to person interaction and is less functional when scheduling with a large group of people because it doesn’t allow you to offer up multiple times (TimeBridge allows up to 5) that everyone in the group can choose from. With TimeBridge once everybody has selected their optimal times, TimeBridge automatically confirms the meeting at the earliest possible time. Instead Tungle allows organizers to offer up one time and a view of their own availability, but when scheduling with more than one person this is not very useful.
They also say that Tungle only integrates with Outlook, whereas TimeBridge integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar and soon to come, Apple iCal. TimeBridge believes that the value of scheduling tools like these is the cross-platform functionality, which allows people on different calendaring systems visibility into others’ schedules – especially in small companies where everyone may not be standardized on one system or have something like Exchange in place.