Security. There’s No Excuse for Being Insecure.

unlocked-lock.jpgSome things in life you just can’t help. For example, you’re driving down the street at a safe speed, but a child runs right in front of your car to retrieve a ball. What can you do? On the other hand, you know tax season is every April 15 – right? There’s really no reason not be be prepared for it each year.
I was recently looking at some solutions from Trend Micro which takes all the “work” and “mystery” out of securing your e-commerce site and network. Four years ago Trend Micro introduced a new suite of solutions, branded, “worry free”. it’s now upgraded this business line with a new suite of solutions for small businesses and eCommerce sites that require smarter, better-performing technology to conquer a more sophisticated Web threat landscape that has mutated beyond conventional viruses and spam.
According to Trend Micro’s press release In addition to conventional protection against spyware, viruses, spam, phishing and inappropriate Web content, these augmented solutions have features that not only address changing Web and email threats, but differences in the way people work compared to four years ago.
You can get the full scoop about TrendMicro’s offerings here.
For retail customers whose revenue and brand-reputation depend upon the security of their Web site, Worry-Free SecureSite protects online shoppers from hackers working to exploit them by stealing credit card numbers, passwords and other important digital information.
This offering is quite similar to ScanAlert, recently bought by McAfee.
A few more things about security…

There’s several important areas you need to secure when it comes to your business. Desktop computers, your mobile devices, your corporate network and your web site and ecommerce site.
It is imperative that you work with a security expert. Keep in mind your local technology consultant might not be a security expert but he should be able to guide you to the right person or even better work with them to help you.
The solution they use is VERY critical and will be one key determiner of how effective the entire solution is against hackers and how easy the solution is for your end users to use, day in an day out. TrendMicro, McAfee, IBM, Symantec, St. Bernard Software and other vendors provide excellent solutions. These vendors work with partners who can assist you with implementing their solutions.
Keep in mind that the use of security solutions alone, will NOT make your business secure. You must also ensure the solutions are properly installed and configured. Last, but SURELY NOT LEAST, you must ensure your staff are vigilant and security aware. This means, if someone calls you, don’t just give out your password because they SAID they are your local consultant, bank, or trusted other person. Maybe it’s a hacker, pretending they are a trusted person.
With the solutions from the vendor’s I’ve mentioned above and help from a security expert – there’s NO (well very little) excuse for not having a secure business.