Tech Lesson: Cheap, No Good Fans vs Expensive, Good Fans from K-Mart

holmesfan.jpgIt’s getting to be quite warm in the North East so we went to get two fans for the house. We got one of the fans we always get, from K-Mart. About $20 or so.
This fan is made of cheap plastic, and has thin aluminum legs that easily bend after a few weeks. Its your average cheap fan that lasts for a few short weeks, as the buttons break and fan grill is held together with thread and tape.
We also got another fan, Holmes’ brand that cost $40 more. (It’s here) I think it’s pretty expensive. But guess what? We’ll never buy the cheaper fan again. This Holmes’ fan breathes durability. It’s made of metal and like a good piece of Ikea furniture is solid.
So how in the world does this relate to technology and your business?
It’s real simple. You can decide to “save money’ by purchasing cheap technology that might work for a while, but eventually WILL break down. And when it does, because it’s so cheap – your support is minimal if at all. Or you can decide to INVEST in solid and fully supported technology. When something goes wrong, you’ll have support. But guess what, if you’ve purchased the right technology solution – be it a service or product – the technology will grow with you and be around for the long haul. Just like a good Holmes’ fan.
How can you start?

  • Have a good technology consultant as your regular advisor
  • Have a technology plan
  • Read Six Technology Rules