Technology Does Not Have To Be Complicated. Boost Productivity By Simplification.

For the past few weeks our vacuum cleaner has not been working. What was wrong with it, was that the the upright part of the vacuum kept falling to the floor standing upright. Last week, I was cleaning the vacuum cleaner and realized that the reason the upright part of the vacuum was falling to the floor was that a small part of the vacuum was broken.
How many times have you been running various portions of your business, only to realize, sometimes too late, that there was one tiny (or big) thing wrong that made all the difference? There was that one thing wrong, like a train track just a few inches off that caused things to not work quite right?
Often times technology is like this. We do our best to invest in the right technology for our businesses but sometimes, no matter what we do, the technology just does not work quite right.
Into these scenarios it’s important to align with an expert who has solutions to help you simplify and take the complexity out of technology. This does not mean that you are “dumbing down” technology. But it does mean that the technology solutions you implement need to be properly implemented so ensure their most optimal performance for your business.
For example, IBM has this new initiative, code named, Blue Business Platform which hopes to make it easier for to delivery IT services to companies that don’t have the time or resources to manage a complex computing environment, sound like your business?

The first step in this strategic initiative, according to an IBM press release, is IBM’s is IBM Lotus Foundations Start, the first in a family of servers for small businesses planned for general availability in the second quarter. Lotus Foundations Start includes e-mail, security, backup and recovery features, and is an ideal solution for small businesses with little or no IT support. It can be deployed in under 30 minutes and provides the essential collaboration software required to power a small business.
As large, mature and small business friendly companies continue to improve their offerings to smaller businesses you’ll see more and more solutions that will help you use technology as a strategic tool to grow your business. The foundation of just about every business is a solid network, which includes email, file sharing, security and backup of the data on your server. IBM Lotus Foundation is surely a good start.
What makes IBM’s solution so idea is that its foundation is Lotus a stalwart in collaboration, offered by IBM and partners (leaders in software solutions for businesses) and IBM has a track of continued evolution and growth.
When considering technology for your business, don’t just focus on “speeds” and “feeds” but consider:

  • Your business – what you need and what you do
  • The vendor – is it a mature vendor with a roadmap for improvement
  • The consultant – is the local consultant you’re working with stable, invested in your success

Get more information on Lotus Foundation here