Remote Access to Your Data: Easier than Ever

Web2Storage Corp. announced general availability of its Web2Drive software, which allows remote access to local storage devices.
Web2Drive software resides on a disk drive partition, where it utilizes Microsoft Vista Rally technology and advanced chip controllers to give users a one-click install of a network storage device.
A user simply purchases a Web2Drive-enabled device from a retailer, plugs it into their router or wireless router via an Ethernet cable, and with one click the device appears as a local drive letter on their computer, just as a USB device would. The user then has secure remote access to their data from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection, without carrying the storage device with them. When combined with backup application software, Web2Drive provides an automated local backup capability rivaling the Apple “Time Capsule”, plus secure remote access.
Products utilizing the Web2Drive technology are slated to be available at your favorite retailer for the holiday buying season. Web2Drive can also be purchased from the Web2Storage website.

Unlike Seagate Technology’s Free Agent external hard drive which allows remote access to your secure online backup space, Web2Storage directly accesses the enabled storage device on your network.
Look out for Web2Storage enabled devices as they become available through retailers… this technology could make remote access to all kinds of hardware even easier.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,