HubSpot: Why Integrating Your Blog, Web Site, In Bound Leads and More is POWERFUL!

hubspot.jpgI wrote about HubSpot in January, but guess what, I didn’t get it quite right. I’ve been looking at it again and think I can now give you a much better idea of this powerful set of software.

Initially I thought HubSpot was a web host, but in speaking with a HubSpot representative I realize its much more. HubSpot is made up of several integrated services that help you grow and manage your business online. What makes HubSpot special is that traditionally sales and marketing have been two separate functions – especially online. The head of sales needs leads. The head of marketing needs to generate sales. But often the two don’t work together.
The software includes the following features: Keyword Tool, Link Building Tool, Business Blog, Social Media, Track Competitors, Landing Pages and Conversion Forms, Lead Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Content Management and Salesforce Integration.
Let’s have a look at what Lead Intelligence is all about, for a taste of just one powerful feature.
HubSpot tracks information on every visitor to your website, including how many times he visited, where he came from the first time he visited (i.e. Google keyword search, a specific blog link, advertisement, etc.), whether he subscribed to your blog, which articles he commented on, which web pages he visited, etc. When a prospect “self-selects” by filling out a form on your website, his contact details along with all of the “intelligence” are captured in the HubSpot lead tracker and you are notified to follow up with him.
This is only one example of the powerful features available with HubSpot. While web sites, blogs, web site analytics and other tools are important, many of these solutions are separate and don’t work together. HubSpot offers a powerful and integrated solution. I think the closest competitor is Infusion Software which has a lot of marketing features as well.
I highly suggest you check out HubSpot’s blog – quite informative.