Why Processors Are Still Important Considerations When Shopping For a Computer.

amdbusinessclass.gifAbout 5 or more years ago, it seems, shopping for a computer meant one would look carefully at three things: processor speed, hard disk size and memory (RAM).

However, now that computer processors are going about as fast as they are going to go there’s less focus on “how fast is your chip” and the focus is on going “green”, security and other aspects of technology.
I haven’t paid attention to chip type in some time, but with AMD’s launch of AMD Business Class Initiative it might be time for businesses purchasing computers (especially 5, 20, or 50) to think carefully about what kind of processor is in your computer.
The processors in AMDs new initiative are energy efficient. This might not mean much when purchasing 2 computers, but when purchasing 20 or 50, it does mean money saved, less heat and contributing to environmental conservation.
This initiative does not appear to be a HUGE difference from AMD’s prior chips which I would assume are also secure and energy efficient. But this new initiative makes it a bit easier for businesses shopping for computers, to work with their local consultant to ensure the best processor for their business, is inside of each computer they buy.