Would You Pay $40 For Desktop Search?

lookeen.jpgI started out using Google’s Desktop Search for my desktop search engine of choice. I switched to Microsoft Desktop Search some months ago. Now I’m back to Google. It’s faster and better. These are both free.
There are a handful of other desktop search tools, most costing a fee. X1 is one of the more popular ones and I think a favorite of Rob Levin, publisher of NY Report.
Axonic is a small German company specializing in Microsoft add-ons and has recently launched Lookeen. It claims to offer faster search, more accurate results and a better interface. Such as being able to see correspondences with people and groups with a single click and displays search results in easy to read and access tabs.
Another plus to it, is that it indexes multiple PST files. I’ve downloaded a free trial of Lookeen and I’ll see how it works.
If searching Microsoft Outlook is VERY critical to you, paying for a good search tool, could be worth the extra $40.