Archive of July 2008

When Your Telephone System Helps The Environment

In Mobile, Alabama a construction company, White-Spunner Construction, built its new headquarters with a commitment to going green. They didn’t want to just have an environmentally friendly building but they also wanted to ensure, as much as they could, that other aspects of their business were green as well – including their telephone system. Callis, […]

Do You Know the Power of API’s?

You know how important it is to use programs in your business. You use QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and dozens of other software programs, including hosted applications such as PayPal, Eventbright (great event ticket sales tool) and more. You use these programs, as is and things are pretty much – just fine. However, what I’ve found […]

The Lenovo ThinkPad Evolves For Small Businesses

Buying a desktop computer might not be that difficult as things are not that innovative. However, buying a notebook computer can still be a challenging experience. The battery life, loudness of speakers, crispness of the screen, keyboard button placement and more all go into making the computing experience pleasant, bad or mediocre. Lenovo recently released […]