Can Your Security Technology Be Breached With No Technology

Thumbnail image for spy-thief.jpgSecuring your physical business property and data (computer network, mobile devices, etc) is very important. However, paying for advanced security (maybe a monthly free to a vulnerability scanning company) only to have it defeated because your senior manager writes his password and user name on a sticky note on his desk defeats the entire security system.
At a recent hacker’s conference, according to Cnet, one of the more fascinating talks at the Last HOPE hacker conference this weekend was by Johnny Long, a security researcher who hacks, writes books on hacking, and founded Hackers for Charity, which helps children and others in underdeveloped countries. Cnet writes that he and a partner were trying to access a secure building and were about to give up. Then they just broke the window and reached in with a hanger to open the door.
artofdeception.jpgKevin Mitnick, ex-jailed hacker and now a computer consultant writes about this in his book, The Art of Deception.
Part of having better security is ensuring the human dimensions of your security solution are in place. Sure have hardened firewalls, but also ensure your secretary does not print out the passwords for all devices and put it on the wall of your office’s bulletin board