Creating and Managing Your Own Loyalty Rewards Program

sitckystreet.gifWhen you visit your local super market you get points or discounts when you give them your member card. When you use your credit card you get points for plane tickets, luggage or a rice cooker. When you fly you get mileage points. It’s pretty neat to be able to make purchases and get points for those purchases.
What about your business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer the same functionality to your own customers? I know that Intui’s QuickBooks Point of Sale has a built in system to do this. But what about those who are not “cash register” type retailers.
Stickystreet has a pretty neat, and simple to use loyalty program which lets you reward customers and even give gift cards for your business.
The four programs you can create are:

  • Traditional Gift Card program
  • Traditional Points program
  • Rewards based on the number of visits accumulated
  • Dollars earned based on the number of visits
  • Buy X, Get 1 Free campaign

It’s pretty neat and simple. Check it out.