Download FireFox: It Beats Itself and Microsoft Internet Explorer

firefox3.jpgI’ve been using Mozilla FireFox for several years and like it very much. I started using it just because of the tabbed browsing. I kept using it – because overall it provided a better experience than Microsoft Internet Explorer, especially the versions 5 and 6.
Mozilla has released version 3 of its popular browser and from what I’m reading it’s simply awesome. You should download it. I’ve downloaded it but have not yet installed it.
Some of the great things about it are then when you open multiple tabs it uses less memory and it’s faster.
Most of my computing is spent in a web browser and Microsoft Outlook. Either going to web sites for information or getting work done (like using Google Docs or Microsoft Office Live). Increasingly you’ll find now or later that traditional applications are less important than a web browser.
The better web browser you have, the better your computer experience will be.
You can read more about FireFox 3.0 at or just download it here.