Downloading Microsoft Windows Updates Can Be Bad For Your Health

updates.jpgEarlier this week I downloaded a regular supply of Microsoft updates for Windows XP. As has been the usual case, the updates were downloaded automatically via Microsoft’s automatic update utility. I’ve been using this utility for years with no problem, but recently, every now and then programs simply, just don’t work.
My suspicion is that some of the most recent Windows updates have caused programs to stop working. This last set of updates caused a few of the support tools of my Lenovo notebook to stop working, for example. This was merely a hassle, as I don’t use the tools, but I don’t like anything on my computer to not work.
What’s the solution? I’m not sure if there is an easy solution. Very large companies take the time to first test updates and ensure they work on their computers. This process could take several hours to properly test. You don’t have the time for that and probably don’t have extra computers just waiting to be tested.
Another solution is to sign up with a managed service provider such as CMIT Solutions, Green House IT, Direct Pointe or one of dozens of other national, regional or local managed service providers. These providers will first test the Microsoft update to ensure it’s “good”. Keep in mind, however, that you might have a particular application that won’t work with the update. The only real way to know this is to try it out.
In the end, I resolved my problems by a) downloading service patch 3 of Windows XP and reinstalling the Lenovo applications that weren’t working. It was a royal pain, but it worked.

2 thoughts on “Downloading Microsoft Windows Updates Can Be Bad For Your Health

  1. Ray

    I updated my HP Media Windows XP with Microsoft Service Patch 3 and Windows Explorer 8. Immediately, I could not write to my CDRW and logging on to my ISP took forever. I was told by the Svc Tech that Service Patch 3 contained errors, Now, a perfectly running PC is screwed-up
    and I’m left to either foot the bill to correct microsoft’s goofups or buy another computer with VISTA which I’m told by my collegues is not as good as Windows XP. I believe Microsoft intentionally introduced the errored Service Patch 3 to force XP users to go to VISTA since Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. No wonder the stock is going down. Just call me an unhappy microsoft user.

  2. ducktoes

    I have a client who twice lost all his files from Windows updates on Vista. To get them back I had to uninstall several of the latest updates on his computer. He said not all the files were there still but most were. I don’t understand how this happens.

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