Email Marketing: Why More Of You Don’t Do It

verticalresponse.gifIf you look at the top 2 or 3 major email marketing services for small businesses, collectively they have no more than 500,000 users. When you think that there’s several million smaller businesses, 500,000 is nothing.
Why aren’t more businesses using email marketing? It’s cheap and easy to do. What’s the excuse?
Janine Popick CEO and founder of email marketing services company Vertical Response offers some thoughts. The main reason – lack of time.
In her blog she writes:
1. Get a Calender Program – Block out an hour a month to get two email campaigns ready to go. Use the COPY CAMPAIGN feature in the VR Home Tab so you never have to start from scratch. It’s in the “Actions” link. Then stick to your schedule! Use the VerticalResponse Calendar or the Google Calendar. They’re easy and free.
2. Use Guilt! Tell your employees you’re going to do this and they need to ensure you do this in order for you to be successful which means…oh right, they get a paycheck with all of that revenue you’ll bring in.

Read her full thoughts on this here.
JaninePopick.jpg Janine Popick