Face-to-Face Meetings…No Traveling

No, it’s not another story about gas prices (although it is one of our suggestions for using technology to communicate). However, being able to conduct effective meetings without travel time and expense is always appealing to small business owners, whether they need to connect with road warrior execs, sales teams, virtual employees, or customers.
Video conferencing is nothing new for personal or corporate use – you might even have set up Grandma with a web cam and IM by now. But the latest release of SightSpeed Business has some features that a small business can get excited about, especially for the price of $19.95 per month. (See our past coverage of SightSpeed here.)
The highlights:

  • 9-way videoconferencing with text chat
  • Portability – no high capacity T-1 line needed; consumer broadband is plenty
  • Cross-platform communication – users can be on Mac or Windows
  • File sharing – users can share and see documents at the same time during a conference

The company also announced separately a new partnership with Dell where new consumer Dell computers will be shipped with
“Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed”, which is basically the SightSpeed Plus 4-user consumer version.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com