Is 1.5 TeraBytes of Storage Too Much?

Seagate recently launched 1.5 TB hard disks for notebook and desktop computers. I think it’s too much.
What I mean is that having 1.5 TB of storage on a hard disk is so much and presents serious backup challenges. It’s on thing to back up 100GB of data. It’s another to backup 10+ times the space. Of course I’m happy that desktop users can expand their storage options – this is good. My concern, however, is notebook users.
I use Carbonite to backup the data on my notebook – but do I really want to backup 1.5TB of data as well? Of course those in an office can backup to the network, but backing a TeraByte of data requires careful planning.
“Organizations and consumers of all kinds worldwide continue to create, share and consume digital content at levels never before seen, giving rise to new markets, new applications and demand for desktop and notebook computers with unprecedented storage capacity, performance and reliability,” stated Michael Wingert, executive vice-president and general manager with Seagate’s Personal Compute Business.
Joni Clark, product marketing manager with Seagate’s Personal Compute Business, added that a change in people’s lifestyle is also driving people to crave more storage for their digital content.
“Five to 10 years ago, did people have this much video and photography on their systems? Probably not,” said Clark.

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